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Who are Biketours Delft?

The owners of Biketours Delft are Saskia and Lourens de Puij. Saskia lived in Delft from age 1 until she was 19, and returned here 3 years ago, after many travels. She took Lourens with her, and he has also fallen in love with Delft.

They live in Delft and spend almost every weekend in the city centre with their young daughters, because they just can’t get enough of it. They love the city, the wealth of history that you feel just walking around, the fun atmosphere of the many pavement cafes, the tourists admiring the city… This combination inspired them to offer a new service for tourists, a fun way to get to know the city: by bike. You can’t get more Dutch than that! Nor more relaxed, really.


When Saskia was 1 year old, she moved with her parents from The Hague to Delft. There she spent her childhood, until she went to study in Leiden. After moving around in the area, in 2013 she decided to move back with her family to the city she loves: Delft. Its attractions, in Saskia’s eyes, are the relaxed atmosphere, the cosiness, the surprising little shops, the pavement cafes, the beautiful squares and the great number of cultural and historical highlights. The many tourists who are interested in Delft give the city a great dynamic and a fun atmosphere.

Saskia studied office management and public administration. She loves to run a business and owns several companies. She just can’t sit still, always has plenty of ideas and is always looking to improve and innovate. She is the proud mother of two young daughters and in her spare time often goes to the beach or to one of the many cafes in Delft, to find new energy, watch the people walk by, and catch up with family and friends.


Lourens combines public administration with business which shows his interest in social questions. He is always motivated to create ‘something from nothing’. Business is really in his blood, after all.
The world is always changing, and Lourens gets excited when he can make a direct contribution to a better world. This is clear from his passion for processes of innovation and change, for cleaner and sustainable types of mobility. But Lourens is strongly aware that real change starts in and through individuals. In the end, individuals with a shared passion can create sufficient mass to make change happen.
So he wondered how he could show the fun in new, cleaner types of mobility, in a fun and personal way. Then Saskia asked: ‘How about connecting it to the city that we love and that we enjoy so much?”
That’s it: “Delft! People should be able to enjoy this princely city in a really personal, local way, just like the inhabitants do. Using the cleanest, most Dutch way of transport… the bike!” And so the idea was born to create Biketours Delft.




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